MMT Acoustix® Soundproofing Door/Window EPDM Strip Door Seal 18 ft Brown D Shape

Price: ₹ 995.00 - ₹ 445.00
(as of Dec 02,2020 02:46:33 UTC – Details)

Product Description


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MMT Acoustix Soundproofing Door/Window EPDM Strip Door Seal

Seal your door / window with the MMT Acoustix Door Seal and experience the comfort of a noiseless environment. This smart sealing solution offers good insulation to protect your home or office from unwanted noise outside, bugs, dust, polluted and cold air by keeping the doors and windows securely shut. The seal is durable with high impact resistance to reduce damage on the frames from constant opening and closing of the windows and doors.







High Quality EPDM Rubber

Made of high quality EPDM Rubber, the seal is of a durable quality to provide improved strength and impact resistance. The flexible texture and construction of this glazing tape supports a customized fit in all kinds of sliding window/door, security door or closet doors for the best levels of cushioning.

Sound Reduction Vacuum

Technology The seal is excellent at absorbing sound and heavy vibration- to minimize squeaks and prevent the door / window from clattering against the frame. It also provides good insulation from heat, dust or cold air.

With Self Adhesive Tape

Equipped with a convenient self adhesive tape, this door seal is easy to install. The adhesive is extremely strong and enables glazing to be bonded to the door / window frame in a firm and secure attachment.


Multi Purpose Durable Shield Rubber Seal

Not only does it stops sound and fills gap, MMT Acoustix soundproofing EPDM door seal tape also blocks pests, sunlight, air conditioner air, dust, water and smoke. It helps in maintaining better room temperature and conserving of electricity and resources.

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Why buy MMT Acoustix Door Seal Tape ?

Comes With Self Adhesive

Easy to apply on door edges ( wood/ metal )

High quality EPDM for long term use

Multipurpose Shield for better life quality

Keeps room colder thus saves energy

The New Compress Technology

MMT Acoustix door seal compressed on pressure and blocks any transmission air gap between doors and window openings. This technology is used by NASA for their spaceships. An efficient product for your better lifestyle

1 Tape For 1 Door

Measured with precision

One tape has a length of 18 feet which is sufficient to cover 3 sides of the door. The tape can be split in two parts to cover the desired area. A wonder product for your door.

Blocks Sound & Dust

Blocks sound, dust, pests, viruses, smell, smoke and all unwanted particles that can be transmitted easily by air. A one stop solution for your doors and windows.

Package CONTENT : 1 Roll D type window/door seal strip, bottom size approx 8 mm, suit for gaps range from 4 to 7 mm. Each roll tape can be divided into 2 seals ( 9 ft x 2 ), total 18 ft (6m) per roll
This window door seal strip equably foamed by EPDM, same smooth interior and exterior , high resilience, super durable UNIQUE GRID ADHESIVE BACKING – strong grid adhesive backing, stick firmly, give your doors and windows long protection
Our window door seal strip comes with adhesive, and it can be cropped according to your actual doors and windows size. widely used in all kinds of sliding door, sliding window, closet door, security door , reduce damage of your doors and windows
This insulation door strip kit made of environmentally friendly material, protecting health of your family, making you at ease

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