Spy Cam

Price: ₹ 64.00
(as of Sep 24,2020 01:43:26 UTC – Details)

The first time Stan knew he had been framed was when he found himself in a Police station at the hands of an over zealous Inspector determined to get a confession. He knew the lengths some people would go to, to attain their goals but never in all the world thought he would be the victim. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, what value is a video, a thousand moving pictures sent via the internet or maybe on a text. What value to the interceptor with a penchant for manipulation? An image lifted from a surveillance camera, pasted onto a film placing the unsuspecting Stan into incriminating circumstances. There are those who will do anything to get what they want, what they think they deserve and don’t care who falls by the wayside, as long as they reach their goal whatever it takes…… And yet from all of that love blooms.

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