Setting Trail Cameras For Trophy Mule Deer

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After 35 years as a big game hunter and 27 as a hunting guide, I have discovered some of the best practices and techniques for using scouting cameras to locate big game animals. I have watched the development of trail cameras by manufacturers and experimented with many of the top brands. Mule deer are unique and require some special considerations and practices to place cameras and get photos of the largest trophy bucks. My number one camera consideration is identified to get photos of large bucks without spooking them. Seven critical mistakes that hunters make in placing and checking trail cameras are identified and ways to avoid these errors are explained. Mule deer habits, habitat and food sources are identified, along with important information to locate and keep track of the biggest bucks in these areas. Finding and hunting bucks in open country, desert country, mountain country, and agriculture lands and how to place trail cameras in these areas are explained in detail. Locating trophy mule deer, keeping track of them and different methods of hunting them, based on the terrain type and habitat are also discussed at length. Many full color photos of trophy bucks on trail cameras, hunting photos and diagrams. 81 pages

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