Ultrazon Dummy CCTV Fake Bullet Camera Realistic Look Dummy Infrared Night Vision

Price: ₹ 699.00 - ₹ 299.00
(as of Sep 18,2020 15:58:06 UTC – Details)

This is a realistic looking dummy cctv bullet camera with dummy night vision sensors. This dummy camera is housed in body of a real cctv camera. It has a blinking red led, which makes it look real and let people know that a cctv is installed. This device actually helps prevent thefts and other illegal activities. We will explain how. Criminals and petty thieves carry out their activities when they think they will not be caught ( unless they want to intentionally want to go to jail).

They have so much choice after all
If they know their action are being caught on camera, they will just pass you and choose some other target.
The same person who commits a robbery also act as a normal person in day to day life.

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