Store2508® Dummy CCTV Dome Camera with Dummy Infrared Sensor, Black, Pack of 4

Price: ₹ 1,999.00 - ₹ 799.00
(as of Sep 15,2020 12:22:24 UTC – Details)

This dummy camera is housed in body of a real CCTV camera. It has a blinking RED Led, which makes it look real and let people know that a CCTV is installed. The LED can be disabled by taking out the battery.
These dummy cameras have dummy infrared sensors, which leads people to believe that it can record even in total darkness. And since it’s housed in outside body of a real camera, the build quality is much more superior than the cheaper fragile dummy cameras. You get what you pay for.
If you are a small business or shop owner, you can install a few of these. Your employees will think they are being watched. It will deter thefts, coming late or other indiscipline.
If you think you domestic help is stealing your provision, install one of these in your kitchen. He / She will think thrice before stealing anything.

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