CCTV Handbook: Buying, Installing, Configuring, & Troubleshooting A User’s Guide to CCTV Security

Price: ₹ 224.00
(as of Sep 15,2020 12:30:59 UTC – Details)

The CCTV Handbook is an end user’s guide to learning the basics of CCTV security technology and what to look for when buying and installing a system. Filled with insights from installers and vendors, the CCTV Handbook is designed to help new and experienced users alike learn about the features available and how they work.

Many end users find manuals from manufacturers to be too technical or to be filled with sales material. The CCTV Handbook examines all the popular technologies of today and examines the pros and cons of each.

In addition to learning how to buy the right equipment, the CCTV Handbook teaches users about installing, configuring, & troubleshooting their CCTV security video cameras.

This book is intended as an end user’s guide to understanding modern CCTV security systems. It is our goal to help users plan, install, and maintain surveillance systems in residential, business, or commercial applications.

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