Funny jokes on Maggi

By | June 16, 2015

) Bhikari : Khane ko kuch de do bahen…
Bahen : 2 Minutes roko bhai..
Bhikari : Bhago bhai maggi bana rahi hai..
2) Boy- I Love u…
Gal – but I don’t love you…
Boy – agar kal tum ne mujhe i love you nahi kaha to…
Gal – to kya karo ge? 😐
boy – to main Maggie kha k apni jaan de dunga…
3) मोदीजी ने कहा था …..
ना खाऊंगा ..ना खाने दूंगा !!
लगता है उन्होंने ‘मैगी’ से
शुरुआत कर दी है ।
4)  After ban on MAGGI
90% girls on Matrimonial site
removed ” Cooking ”
as Hobby / Expertise…
5) BREAKING: Japan to import 2 million high-lead Maggi packets to use as nuclear radiation shields
6) Things to avoid with reasons:
Maggi – Lead in it
Cola – Cleaning chemical in it
Smoking – Nicotine in it
Relationship – GF in it
7) Feels sorry for engineers, the hottest thing they could have on their bed at 2am was maggi.
8) NSUI opposes Maggi Ban, accuses Modi govt of trying to destroy education institutions
9) Now only Baba Ramdev can save this country if he come up with a
new healthy product “Divya Maggi” to get rid of all the lead from Your body.
10) Never date a girl named Maggi. She might misLead you.
11) After Maggi, the health ministry should now ban Lays chips for high content of air in packets.

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