Dirty 18+ Questions to be asked to your Girlfriend-Boyfriend

By | January 13, 2018


    • 1. What’s the most embarrassed you’ve ever been while having sex?


    • 2. Have you ever had sex with someone much younger or older than you? What’s the biggest age difference?


    • 3. Have you ever been interested in trying out tying each other up?


    • 4. Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone you mentally knew was ugly?


    • 5. You wake up tomorrow as a woman – what dirty things do you do all day?


    • 6. What kind of fantasies do you have while you’re having sex?


    • 7. Quick – when’s the last time you touched yourself?


    • 8. You can only watch one kind of x-rated movie for the rest of your life – what kind is it?


    • 9. If you could pick one person to join us for a threesome, who would it be?


  • 10. Have you ever experimented with another guy? If so, did you like it?