Funny Girlfriend-Boyfriend Conversation

By | January 24, 2018

GIRLFRIEND: Hello oooo dearie!!!!
GIRLFRIEND: What happened?
KWAME: Nothing.
GIRLFRIEND: No, say na, what happened? You look
KWAME: I will ask you something now and you
to tell me the truth. Will you?
GIRLFRIEND: Okay, ask.
KWAME: Who is Joseph? He likes all your profile
pictures and even your status updates on facebook.
Who the hell is he?
GIRLFRIEND: Please don’t say anything
about him.
KWAME: Is he your ex-boyfriend? Are you still in love
with him?
GIRLFRIEND: Why would I love him. You are my only
KWAME: Then, is he your brother?
like that.
KWAME: Then who the hell is he for Christ’s sake?
GIRLFRIEND: Shall we talk about something else?
KWAME: So you are hiding something from me? You
have that much close relationship with him. He’s so
much important to you, right?
GIRLFRIEND: If I disclose the
secret you will definitely
scold me.
KWAME: I’m getting irritated now. Don’t test my
GIRLFRIEND: Pleasssssseeee!
KWAME: If you don’t tell me, I will break up with you right
GIRLFRIEND: Okay, I will tell you. But promise me that
you won’t scold me, okay?
KWAME: Okay.
GIRLFRIEND: Ermmmm, that is my fake profile, if no one
likes my pictures, I like my pictures through that account
and also post comments like beautiful, hot,
sexy, nice one, etc.

Now tell me, how many of you have fake accounts like this girl, no lie

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