hindi non veg chutkule


    Pappu: Dad, today they taught
    about Sex in the class.
    Santa: Ok son.
    Later he saw Pappu shaking his
    penis, he asked what r u doing?
    Pappu: Homework Dad….
    There are 2 girls in heaven first girl:
    how did you die 2nd girl: well i froze
    everything waz really cold but then
    it got warm how did u die first girl:
    well i was sure my husband was
    cheetin on me so i came home early
    from work one day and he was sittin
    on they coach watchin t.v. but i was
    so sure i ran around the house and
    checked inb closets and underbeds.
    then i had a heartattack 2nd girl :
    well if you would have looked in the
    freezer we both would have been
    A young girl came back to Doctor and
    complained, “Doctor, last time you did
    my abortion, you forgot your sharp
    blade inside of me,”
    Doctor “Oh I am sorry, did it hurt you?”
    Girl, “No but my eight friends went
    impotent, ten of them lost their
    fingers, and four of them went dumb.
    4 stages of relationship:
    – Hand in hand.
    – Hand in that.
    – That in hand.
    – That in that.
    If you know what i mean..
    An 18 year old Girl got PREGNANT. Her
    Angry mother says-Who’s the PIG?
    Call him..
    30 min later a limousine car stops in
    front of their house & a Mature grey
    haired in a very Expensive SUIT steps
    Man:Ur daughter has informed me of
    the Problem, howevr I can’t Marry her..
    But if a GIRL is born I offer a villa & 2
    million dolrs.
    If a BOY is born den 2 factories & 5
    million dolrs.
    But in case of Miscarriage, what do u
    suggest I do?
    A person was carrying 3 BABIES in the
    The Lady next to him asked, “Are they
    ur BABIES?”
    The Person said: NO! I Own a Condom
    & these are Customer’s Complaints!
    Man In Bar Orders Kingfisher Beer.
    Lady Next To Him- What A Co-
    incidence, Even I Have Ordered
    Man- I’m Celebrating.
    Lady- Me too.
    Man- What A Coincidence.
    Why are you Celebrating?
    Lady- My Husband & I Have Tried 4
    Yrs For A Baby..
    Today I’m Pregnant.
    Man- What A Coincidence
    I Am A Farmer From 4 Yrs My Hens
    Were Infertile, Today All Laying Eggs
    Lady- Wow How Did That Happen?
    Man- I Used A Different Cock .
    Lady SMILED & Said
    Little Student: Madam, when I grow up,
    how will my wife have a baby?
    Teacher: (after thinking for sometime)
    An angel will come from heaven &
    over a baby to your wife.
    Student: so who do I need to fuck ??
    wife or angel ?
    A Guy with 25 inch Long penis to
    God : I can’t live with this long penis..
    God : Go to that Lake,
    U will find a Female Frog. Ask her to
    Marry u,
    she’ll say No & U will Lose 5 inch.
    He Went & asked the Frog : will u
    Marry me?
    Frog : No
    He Lost 5 inches.
    He thought 20 inch is still Long.
    So he asked again : will u Marry Me?
    Frog : No
    He Lost 5 inches More.
    He thought 15 inch is Great,
    But 10inches is Ideal
    So he asked again : will u Marry me?
    Frog : How many Times do I have to
    tell u?
    NO! NO! NO!
    khel khatam
    laude lag gaye !
    4 Gals take lift in a Car full of
    Since no place, sat on their lap
    After 10min
    …Grl1:r u Telecom Engr
    Boy1:how u know
    Grl1:ur Tower is comunicating wit
    my Unreachble area
    Grl2:r u Computer Engnr?
    Boy2:how u know?
    Grl2:ur Pen drive is trying to
    connect wit my USB Drive
    Grl3:r u Automobile Engr?
    Boy3:how u know?
    Grl3:ur Piston is trying to move
    into my Cylinder
    Grl4: r u Civil Engr?
    Boy4:how u know?
    Girl4:ur Dam had broken &
    flooded my Village;)
    11 year old girl realized growing hair
    between her
    legs. Got worried and yelled Mom
    about hair. Mom
    calmly said. “That part where hair
    has grown is
    called a monkey, be proud that your
    monkey has
    grown hair.”
    Next morning at breakfast she told
    her elder sister
    “My monkey has grown hair”
    Her Elder Sister smiled and said.
    “that’s nothing, mine started eating
    A young boy asks his father, “Dad, is
    it OK for us guys to notice all the
    different kind of boobs?”Surprised,
    the father answers, “Well, sure son,
    we wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t…
    there are all kinds of
    breasts.Depending on a woman’s
    age, they are different shapes.In her
    twenties, a woman’s breasts are like
    melons, round and firm. In her
    thirties to forties, they are like
    pears, still nice but hanging a bit.
    After fifty, they are like
    onions.””Onions, Dad?””Yeah, you
    see them and they make you cry!” 
    Latest News: Arvind Kejriwal has
    stopped wearing his underwears
    He can’t wear VIP underwears as
    they have VIP written on them.
    He can’t wear Rupa since people
    would say he always keeps Rupa
    around his private parts, and in
    Delhi that’s a dangerous thing to do.
    Or Jockey as horse riding is a rich
    man’s pastime.
    He can’t wear Macroman since he is
    a common man.
    He can’t wear Dixcy since he does
    not want people to see his d***
    And he can’t go commando since he
    has refused security.
    So now all he needs is cover his
    private parts with mango leaves to
    prove that he is a “aam” admi and
    his protection is the aam.
    ho out of control 
    pent ko tu apni khol 
    Choom k tu uska hole 
    dalde tu apna pole. 
    Lund ghusa, ball daba, 
    gaand maar k bol DARLING AAL IZZ WELL. 😀


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