Non-veg Whatsapp Jokes

    The best example of “Doosro ki khushi me apni
    khushi dhoondhna”.
    Watching Porn.
    What do you call a situation when  two people are
    thinking of sex and rest of the people are
    thinking about food?
    The “Smoking Kills” warning on cigarette packs is
    like girls saying, “Rehne Do, Koi Dekh Lega” –
    nothing more than a ritual!
    A bad football team is like an old bra… no cups
    and little support!
    A woman without curves is like a Jeans without
    You don’t know where to put your hands!
    Behind a perfect cleavage, there is a woman who
    spent 1 hour pulling, squeezing and adjusting.
    Always respect her by staring at it!
    Obscene caller: Hi baby, if you can guess what’s
    in my hand I will let you have it.
    Lady: Listen, if you can hide it in one hand then
    I am not interested!
    World’s most romantic line ever said by a girl to
    her boyfriend:
    Achha Baba… Karlo!
    What’s the difference between movies having
    Certificate – U, A, XX, XXX?
    U: Hero gets the heroine
    A: Villain gets the heroine
    XX: All the actors get the heroine
    XXX: Entire shooting unit gets the heroine
    Which is most difficult sport in the world to
    Women’s doubles tennis – 9 balls bounce at a time
    and you don’t know which one to watch!
    Girl: Tumne muzme aisa kya dekha ki muze
    propose kar diya?
    Boy: Sab kuchh dekhne ke liye hi to Propose kiya
    hai, Pagli!
    What is ‘Masturbation’.
    That ‘shot in the air’ to check if the ‘gun’ is
    working……. !


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