Jokes on Indain Railways


    Jokes On The Indian Railways

    Jokes on the Indian Railways. Hope you have a good laugh

    1. A disappointed lover lay on the railway tracks to die. A passer-by asked why he had a rice and curry lunchbox with him.

    He replies: “In this country, you can starve to death waiting for a train.”

    2. Did you hear about the disgruntled passenger who decided to trick the Indian Railway? He bought a ticket but refused to travel.

    3. The man about to take a train was worried by the station clocks. There was twenty minutes difference between the one in the office and the one in the waiting-room.

    Finally, he questioned a porter who made a careful survey of the two clocks, and shook his head doubtfully.
    Then, he brightened suddenly, and said: “It don’t make a single mite of difference about the clocks. The train goes at 10 past four, no matter what.”


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